PC Update

Hello I'm look for some opinion's on a switch over from my FX-8320 to a Dual Quad Core Xeon system i have.

stats are as follows

Current System:

AMD FX-8320 3.50Ghz

32GB Ram 1866Mhz DDR3

250Gb 10K sata II X2 Raid 0 - will moved to other system

HD 7950 3Gb

Dual Xeon:

2 Xeon e5410L 2.33Ghz - There quad cores no hyper-threading

24Gb Ram ECC DDR2  800Mhz


No Video ATM -There is a PCIe 16x 2.0 slot


I don't game much. but when i do its for a few hours.

Let Me know think. 

What will you be doing that requires dual xeons?

Why such old xeons? Keep your existing setup I reckon. Going back to ddr2 alone will be a major kick in the pants to the overall system performance.

If your dead set on getting a xeon for whatever reason grab one of the newer ones - socket 1150 or check out the new tek vid with the itx motherboard with onboard 8 core cpu.


I do a lot goofing around with VM's, programming for fun, gaming, school work. i have a dual 2011 board. no ram, cpus or a case that it will fit in. the dual 771's is just sit taking up space, an would like to use it for something. Ideas are welcome.

My suggestion:

  1. Sell all the old gear - then put that cash to buy a new motherboard for your 8320 (good 990fx board), add to that a good cooler. OC the shit out of it. Then you'll have the grunt to VM as much as you like.
  2. Sell all the old bits but keep the ram, buy a large case (cheap nanoxia XL case) + 2x 2011 cpus + a cheap card that will handle modest gaming like a gtx750ti.
Either way I'd be selling off those 771 chips while they will still be worth something.


You do make a good point with selling the 771's i may. i will look into 2011's E5 2620's good or should get faster one's and how much ram should i use. the borad can support up to 512 RLDIMMS 256 ECC RDIMMs 128 UDIMMS. i was tring to replace the 8320 so i could use it as a NAS system.

Holy moly what 2011 board is it?  

32gb is way sufficient to run half a dozen vm's but you'd have to check its compatibility sheet on what vendor dimms will work with the board. If your old ram wont work with it sell it on as well.

The e5 2620 chips are animals - 6 cores 12 threads that twice over in that board you have and you have the power to back up a bank system. Maybe.. lolz  O_0

If you were to use the 8320 in a NAS setup, I'd recommend an underclock & undervolt to it to save power.

I got good chuckle out that . I should have put that its a server board. I got free (Was helping a computer shop that went belly-up pack up old stock he couldn't pay me so he gave me 400$ server board). I didn't know that at the time.