PC turning on just after few tries

I have just compleated skylake mini itx build. And I'm experiencing some problems.

When trying to turn on PC blue power LED indicator turns on, fans start spinning, but PC doesn't boot. Monitor remains black, and mouse and keyboard LED's doesn't turn on. This happens before UEFI flash screen so I can't access UEFI BIOS. After few manual restarts computer boots normaly.

Sometimes it boots on first try, sometimes it takes around 5 tries.

Another strange think I have observed that HDD led blinks while PC is turned off. I don't know if these problems are somewhat related.

Acidentally I have broke off USB 3 header pin, because there isn't enough space under CPU cooler to install it. But I have checked no pins are shorting out, I have straightened remaining pins. So this probably shouldn't cause this problem.

My PC specs:
i7-6700k stock speed
16GB of corsair ddr4 ram XMPP lowest speed profile
AMD 380 graphics card
Crucial MX200 M.2 500GB

I'm running Arch linux. Got installed windows 10 along Arch on different SSD.

Maybe somebody have idea what's happening with my PC? Any help is appreciated.

pop the ram out and use only one stick. I always find that it ends up being bad ram when there is "random boot success"

How old is the PSU? I've had similar boot problems with one of my previous PSU, which would fail to supply the correct voltage until it had warmed up enough.

Try with 1 RAM stick first as suggested before. If it doesn't work with a stick, try another one. If it turns out that the RAM isn't the problem, try borrowing a different PSU and see if that solves it.

PSU is new Aurum gold 400W. I know it's on weak side, but even running syntehtic becnhmars there were no problems. Originally I thought buying more power eficient parts and bought PSU before other parts, because it was on a sale.

After work I'll try booting with one RAM stick. If that one won't work I'll ask for roomates old PSU.

Thank you for sugestions @emosun and @CaptainChaos

Then why are you using it? Why did you bother assembling the machine knowing the power supply is about 200 watts lower than what the minimum amount you should be using is....

Either take your gpu out , or remove the graphics card till you fix it.

There are terrible , TERRIBLE , computers at best buy that have power supplies with a higher wattage.

and whats worse is one of the 400w units they make actually needed two different 12v rails to achieve 400 watts which is a joke. I sure hope you don't have that version.

could be BIOS issues as well. if you can get in you could Flash your bios to the newest version, I'd try that, the ram, the power supply and its connections, and make sure the CPU is properly seated

I don't know about all that now....

could be a bad board too. sucks trouble shooting stuff like this, requires you have an extra pc with known working parts to test against. good luck.

1) Check voltage on your memory...
sometimes it can go crazy if memory runs at different voltages - ensure you're running at set voltage (not auto settings etc).

2) pins may be fcked... then if so rma...
3) psu?
4) where is your internal speaker... do you have it?

FSP produces quality PSU's they can supply almost all rated wattage over 12v rail, unlike cheep units that are used in prebuild PC's. And it's single rail with 385W on 12V. At unrealistic GPU and CPU torture test it should pull probably around 370W. If I could pick PSU agian I would go for ~500W.

My friend changed 600W no-name PSU from pre build PC, because it was getting unstable while playing dragon age 3 and would cause BSOD's.

On graphics card's boxes they use recommend to high required wattage to be safe, that no name PSU's could handle it.

Yea i know it's close to maximum throughput, but my PC rarely experiences that kind of load.

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Good call. PC speaker is unpluged.

It would suck if RAM would be the cause. I need to remove cpu heatsink to access ram modules.

My motherboard has 4pin cpu connector. I pluged different 4 pin from PSU and it seems to work now.
But I'll try to cold boot at end of this day. Maybe it boots okay when PSU warmed up.

HDD activity still starts to blink when PC is off.

I'm using latest BIOS, because earlier PC was acting flakey.

do you have full screen logo enabled in the bios?
if so, then disable that, and see if that changes anything.

@MisteryAngel good call

It seams that PSU was the problem.

After changing it to no name roomates PSU I don't expierence problems. Even HDD led doesn't blink anymore when PC is off.

So I'll have to RMA it and live at least month with no name PSU :/ which doesn't have 8pin gpu connector. Probably I'll buy molex adapter