PC - Q6600 - 4GB 1066MHZ - 780i - 2x3870's -

Then for the sake of your pride, show me a gpu z screen, or catalyst screen, showing me that you're running two 3870's in crossfire.

Rabu Rabu said:

Oh boy...

I hate to tell you man, but there is zero way to "hack" the 780i to accept two ATi cards. The chipset being nvidia and all.

People here probably wouldn't buy anything from you anyway until you've made yourself known around these parts.

Buy/Sell operates on trust and how much you actually are part of the community.

I won't close the thread because I'm a nice guy but I'm just making you aware.

Removee ittttt

Lesson to be learned:

When selling something to people who know their shit, don't bullshit.

When sellign to craigslist, bullshit to high hell.