PC ports?

Ive Heard that a lot of PC game were ported from console? Is that true? Also are they now switching it around and making most games for PC then porting it to console? 



What will happen is that newer games that are ported from the PS4 / XBOne consoles will look a lot better sine they weren't developed for hopelessly outdated hardware, and might even be a little easier to port well because the platforms are more similar to regular PC hardware. Hopefully the quality of ported games will take a big step up under 2014.

A good example of a game made for console then ported to PC would be Saints Row 2. The console version was vastly superior, and that was no secret. The buttons were Xbox 360 controls and the audio was disgusting and muffled on PC. mkk hits it home on your second question.

Bully: Scholarship Edition was probably the worst port ive played it was so crappy my video card whent in to sleep mode and clocked down to 300mhz and still played it lol.