Pc noob help

Hi I'm new to pc but I have a head start with my uncles old pc. He's letting me use it as a start to upgrade on.

The part list I'm thinking of using( with parts included that I'm using from his old pc) are:

Amd fx-8350


Crucial ballistic sport 8GB (1 card) DDR3-1333

Kingston SSDNow V200 Series 64GB

Western digital caviar blue 1TB 7200rpm

EVGA GeForce GTX 760 4GB or 2 MSI N650ti-2GD5/OC BE BOOST

with a generic old dvd writer/reader

and an old 500watt power supply

I'm stuck with the motherboard, ram and cd reader/writer. I don't think the 500watt power supply is enough for the gtx 760 and fx-8350 but I don't know how much I really need to overclock the whole thing. I need the system for a console replacement and school computer. I really like fps games so that's going to use a lot of power. I don't plan on editing but it could be possible in the future. I need help on the power supply size (I need 80 plus definitely) and just if the system would work well for games like BF4. I also want to stick with Nvidia graphics cards for Nvidia shield in the future, but if there's other more cost effective Nvidia cards I'd like to know. Thanks it means a lot because I'm going to be using this computer for a while and it would suck to mess up now.

Nice CPU.

Evercool HPL-815EP CPU COOLER is on the wrong socket.  If you don't overclock, the stock one is fine.

Ram: Get some 2x4GB 1600mhz.

GPU: HD 7870.  Better performance for the money.

PSU: XFX PRO550W PSU.  It's made by Seasonic, one of the best PSU makers out there.  Mine has no coil whine, and runs really cool and quiet.  80+ Bronze

I'll look into the 7870 because the NVidia shield isn't my #1 priority, ram is going to get upgraded later anyways, and I think I'll stick with that psu it looks right for my setup, I was looking into a basic water cooler so I can overclock maybe the cooler master seidon 120XL? Idk, but thanks for the recommendation's :)

I'd stick with an air cooler (Hyper 212 Evo) until you get into H80i prices and upward.

Ya guess that is kind of a cheap part to trust with an 8350... 

It's cheap, it works great, and hundreds of people have it.  I used one on my old Intel C2D e8600 ($290 CPU) and it dropped temps over 15c