Pc Monitor advice

Been wanting to use dual monitors for awhile now but grew lethargic until I broke my t240 samsung. As I mainly want to monitors for content creation for my schooling I need quality monitors that will display great color but my knowledge has been limited and I have researched some on my own. Been looking at these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236287 

Ideally I plan to spend around $600 for two monitors together but I really want to get my money's worth so if anyone has a better option for a good price I would love some feedback since my RL friends couldn't help.

I would go with two of these unless you really have to have 1920x1200. But I might just be biased towards Samsung :)


that could be a nice alternative. I saw those on newegg



How about 2 27 Inch Monitors?

idk, as cool as that is its a bit big. I am more going for more of the performance. I want a quality monitor and I am skeptical on getting 2 27 inches at a 1080p resolution


for good color get an ips panel. so i am told i am color deficient so i saved money and got a tn panel

I honestly probably wouldn't be able to tell too much but I also have never seen an ips panel in person. It is a dilema that is plaguing me at the moment. I enjoy tn panels but the prospect of an ips is tempting.


Well the last Asus I bought had some pretty bad backlight bleed and I thought it was defective. I even sent it to Asus and they said there was nothing wrong with it. So I got a Samsung and never looked back. It does have some backlight bleed but no where near as bad. You are most likely always going to have a little backlight bleed.

I have definitely come to terms with back light bleeding, would enjoy less as possible. My last samsung was awesome and it was my first monitor. I really miss it but it has a crack so may it rest in peace T.T

I went ahead and bought them. I had a t240 before and it was the love of my life. I was looking at these but really wanted the ips perhaps later after I build my new pc