Pc games

Soon i am going to make the switch from console to PC and i was wondering what games you would reccomend that i could never have played on console or are alot better on PC


Thanks in advance

Everything. Everything is better on PC.

Tribes: Ascend, FTL, Frozen Synapse, Planetside 2, (if your machine can handle it), Company of heroes, metro 2033, and the classics, like Half life 1 and 2, Doom, planescape: torment, and Diablo.

What sort of games do you prefer? Shooters, adventures etc?

Bioshock Infinite will be recommended and with good reason. It is a damned impressive game ;)
Diablo 3 is pretty fun.
Portal 1 and 2 if you like puzzles.

Team fortress 2....

Game Dev Tycoon, it's only $8 and it's very addicting.

Half Life is fun, Starcraft is fun, Oblivion and Morrowind are amazing, Metro 2033 is not bad (if your PC can run it), FEAR 1, The Witcher series, etc.

Thanks for all the suggestions. This is actually a duplicate thread and i was unaware of it untill just now