PC gamers: Is Valve set to let you share your Steam games with friends?

While Microsoft’s all-new Xbox One will let you share games with your friends, with a few restrictions, it seems the team at Valve is set to be joining the sharing party by introducing a new system on Steam that will let you borrow games from friends. PC gamers, is this your next killer feature on Steam?

The folks over at NeoGAF have spotted a few lines of code in the latest Steam client beta, which points to the upcoming inclusion of a “shared game library”. The phrase “Just so you know, your games are currently in use by borrower. Playing now will send borrower a notice that it’s time to quit.” is included in the code which points to a new sharing system that will also boot your friends off when you want to play the same game.

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Judging by what’s written into the code, Valve is also imposing a few limits on the sharing functionality, but it would still be a step above the restrictions the Xbox One has in place, and if shared games can be played offline, this could be one thing that would tip console gamers onto PC or even Valve’s upcoming Steam Box.

Valve has currently not said anything about the new feature, and whether or not it will actually be on the way, but it would be a fantastic feature for PC gamers to take advantage of.

Would you be interested in sharing your PC games with friends, or do you think Microsoft is on the right track with its sharing restrictions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source : http://gadgetshow.channel5.com/gadget-show/gadget-news/pc-gamers-steam-will-let-you-share-your-games-with-friends

It's a nice feature but I don't think I would ever actually use it.

Well it's a nice way to get your mate's in on pc gameing comeing from a console with no game's if it's implemented.

It's a nice step forward for pc gameing becoming more accessible to low income user's and families.

It's useful for being able to try a game without buying it.