PC Gamers are like Vegans?



Da Faq?

Wow this guy really changed my opinion on life and I respect him greatly.

he probably uses a mac, too

probably works at EA

He does use a Mac.

TL;DR - He doesn't want to admit the fact that he's butthurt because he doesn't know how to build a gaming PC.

I had to use a mac the other day, I felt like was in some kind of overly controlled society where people couldn't even think freely and were bred as mindless atomatons and that was the OS that they used

I actually like MacOs more than windows.  I have a macbook pro and it is great for what i need it for.

you guys aren't in a hive mind like the borg are you, I swear I hear that same preprogramed response from all of you, and have you tried linux, macOS kernel is based off it, except linux doesn't restrict you


prolly... not like it's that hard....



OS X is based off of Freebsd, not Linux...

i think i started a 4chan invasion....


hes eats too much fast food.

To someone who has never built one before it could seem pretty difficult. I own a gaming PC but I didn't build it myself. I would love to build my own gaming PC. The only problem is I am worried I will break something or drop something. 

Building your own PC isn't hard. The hardest part is getting the CPU and cooler on. CPU goes in easily enough, but when I put on the cooler (AMD's levers) I felt like I was about to break the motherboard. The rest is really self-explanatory, and pretty easy. Don't forget to plug in everything, too. CPU power cable, sata cabled, PCI-E cables, fan cables, etc.

I'll be using OS X in about a week or so. Luckily, my school (that's sending me the Macbook Pro) is also including a copy of Windows 7 Professional.