Pc gamer but i cant decide which is the best option €1200

Hello tek syndicate comunity. I want to know what option is better for gamming. I want to play games in ultra settings i can spend around 1200 euro but i cant decide what option is better 


here the links from some page from my country 





Is a stupid question but i did spend 1 week to choice and at the moment i dont know what is the best option about price performance and stuff like that. Just like the processor i have money to buy a i7 3770k but people say that isnt necesary for gaming that i can do the same thing with a fx8350.


:S somebody help me

thanks for reading regards 

That budget is roughly $1600 ($1570, to be exact), so I would recommend a 3770k, Gigabyte UD3 Z77, MSI Twin Frozr 7950, 16GB (2x8GB) G.SKILL Sniper 1866mHz CL9, Fractal Design R4, Seasonic G 550, and a Phanteks PH-TC12DX cooler. I will update this post with a PcPartPicker link in just a moment.


$1500, beast PC. Can run every games on their highest settings at solid FPS rates. Also, a beast at editing.

250GB SSD along with a 1TB 7200RPM drive. Comes with a H100i, so you can overclock that i7 3770k in excess of 4.5GHz to get a bit of a boost.

750W Seasonic PSU, 80+ Bronze. Bit of head room to add a couple more hard drives, overclock, and maybe even another graphics card in the future.

Fractal Design R4, great case. Will be able to fit all your stuff in it without a problem.

More bells and wisles... I like this build.

You would be better off saving money on the cpu and getting a better gpu. Especially since the 3770k is as good as lga1155 gets, meanwhile if you do need a better cpu later down the road, there will be newer amd releases compatable with am3+. Hell, Steamroller will be released later this year, so it might be a good choice to spend more money on the motherboard than the cpu. Also, nVidia's 7xx series will be released shortly (heard rumors of it coming out later this month even) so it might be a good choice to hold off on the gpu until then. Price/performance gets better with every generation, and a new release lowers the prices of the last release.


But if you want to go ahead and buy everything now, I would suggest getting something along the lines of the new Sabertooth mobo (or the extreme9), fx-8350, Kraken x60 (if you plan to overclock, otherwise an after market cooler would be pointless - something like a 212 evo might be understandable though), 7970ghz, then all of the other pieces that you want. Get a nice psu, a decent case with good airflow that will support a 280mm radiator, any pci cards like a wifi adaptor or something, and a decent sized ssd. I can through together a mock build if you would like, but seeing as how yo uare in a defferent country than I am, the prices would be different from item to item.

I gonna better wait but i what is your opinion of this one is very very cheap http://www.enter247.nl/shop/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=221

Don't buy a pre-build PC, expecially for gaming.

The PC you mention there, is bottlenecking in some parts. There's no aftermarket CPU cooler, so overclocking isn't really an option. The motherboard is a thing they skimped out on. And 32GB of RAM is pointless, as you'd be fine with just 8. There isn't an SSD, which should be there at that price point. The case is sort of, bad, as it offers very little cooling options.

I just don't like pre-build PC's. 

Okay but sometime i see promotions very very cheap and you have the possibility to add some things just like upgrade memory, video card, etc,

but i hace a problem man that price is in dolar and buy it in america here en europe we pay a lot of fucking taxes -_- 21% in my country

It's actually a really nice Asus motherboard; an Asus AM3+ M5A97 Evo. Still, don't get a prebuilt.