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PC freezing

Hello! long time Lurker 1st time poster.

I am having a weird issue on my PC

Whenever it goes to sleep or idles to long the PC freezes; but only if something is using the GPU

Netflix, games, youtube, etc.

I have been looking through my PC’s logs to see if I can find what might be causing this. but I either have not found the right logs or it isn’t logging the issue.

Things I have Tried:

Updating MoBo Bios

tried different power settings

swapped out RAM

made sure Hardware acceleration is off

Updated all drivers

Fun DDU and reinstalled GPU drivers.

If there is anything else I can share please let me know. and any help that can be offered is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!

GPU is a Zotac 3080 TI

Is there a need for “sleep” mode on your PC? Also, have you checked your swap? You may also need to check the health of your storage media (lifespan, corruption, bit-rot, etc)

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Thank you so much for this!

I will check but my PC keeps going to sleep when Idle so the freeze triggers consistently