Pc Freeze when game starts

Hey so every time I start up a game, my computer will hard freeze, forcing me to hard reset. I really wan't to fix this I haven't gamed since April! I have checked the following

- Updated / Reinstalled drivers

- Resisted RAM

- Lowered Game quality

-Ran Furmark = PERFECT

-Checked temperatures


I appreciate all suggestions, I am in desperate need!

I'm going to reinstall windows this weekend, FYI

Have you overclocked your CPU ? If you have how did you test the stability.

And what does "ran Futuremark" mean ? For all I know you could have done a browser or battery test. Although I guess it was 3Dmark or PCmark.

You should also do a memory test to see if that's not faulty.

Have you uninstalled easy tune 6?

Thats what was causing my brothers pc to crash on game startup.

Wow quite strange, try all drivers again, especially the GPU ones. Or if you are running an APU definitely check that the drivers are all working correctly. I can't stress that enough.

Easy Tune ... that comes to mind, I might have to double check!  However  tomorrow i a  reformatting  and reinstalling windows.

I am  not running a APU! I do think the crashes are becuase my CPU reaches its maximum temperature so it locks up for safety or else it goes to 100% usage?

AMD FX 4100