PC for audio editing and mixing

Friend of mine needs a pc built that is for the best possible audio editing and mixing ability . While i can build it for them the audio part leaves me a little lost . Budget is 1200 give or take . Needs to be duel monitor set up . Of course needs to be as silent as possible . Thanks for any input .

Give a little more details, I know a bit about audio but what is the purpose and what gear will be used, etc etc? I can also give recommendations of audio gear if you'd like. Are those monitors included?

From what i understand it is going to for a small studio .  They want to be able to edit and mix with it . Something that has the most common interfaces . I see , i have more questions to ask . Due to my lack of knowledge on this this specific subject  i would settle for a audio optimized build without duel monitor for around 1,000 U.S. Been building gaming pcs so long that i have lost touch with anything other than gaming builds. :)