PC doesnt power on

Built my PC a little over a year ago, recently I had a stick if ram fail. Today as I was searching for a Dota 2 match it just shut off. When I go to power it on some of the fans spin then stop. No lights come on at all and it doesn't boot. I tried plugging the psu into a different pc to see if it was failing but the other computer booted fine. Motherboard gone bad maybe?

whats in the pc that its not working in?


Asrock fm2a75 pro 4

Sapphire 7950

8 gb stick of patriot viper series

A bluray drive

2 hard drives

Hmm nothing too psu intensive .Thats weird it sounds like a power supply problem but if it powered up another pc. No heat issues ? Do you run overclocked ?

Small overclocks and no heat issues. :/

it kinda sound like the mobo

did you replace the failed ram stick with exact same stick or something different?  Mis-matched ram can sometimes do funny things.   Have you tried to see if it will boot just using CPU, Ram and Hard Drive w/ OS on it?  

Ive seen bad cpu's do that before as well

I didn't replace the bad ram stick, I had two 8 gb sticks in it so i just took out the bad stick.

At the moment I can get the PC to boot as long as the graphics card isnt in it.  I don't have a second power supply handy to figure out if its my GPU or PSU

Do you have the newest drivers for MOBO and GPU? Try reinstalling the GPU and drivers see if that fixes the issue.

Move the ram to a different slot, pull the GPU and run off of the A10. Do you have a motherboard speaker attached to the header pins?

I am just running off the A10, it works fine its just when I try to boot with the GPU in it won't turn on. Also yes I have a motherboard speaker attached and I have Dr. Debug on the motherboard also.

Still sounds like a PSU problem. I don't think you said anything about the brand or watts or anything concerning your PSU. It could be something else, but I'm sticking with the PSU for now.



I jut saw the GPU isn't in it. Does the GPU have a funny smell or anything? Have a friend with a pc that will let you throw in your GPU then your PSU?

Sitting here, I vaguely remember an issue with what I think are the 79xx series. I believe there was an issue with them prerelease and some Sapphire version made it to the market anyway. I can't for the life of me remember what the hell it was nor can I find it on the net.


Does anyone recall this?

The PSU is a 500w Corsair Builder series.  I do have a friend who will let me try my GPU in his computer but I can't get to him right now.  My county is under an emergency state and people are supposed to be on the roads.  


I'm hoping it is the PSU because that is much cheaper to replace lol

Hmm.. as much as I am curious about this state of emergency situation that you don't seem to be too concerned with I shall remain on topic...

Best bet, get both of those tested on your friend's pc when the streets are safe so you can narrow it down more. I've dealt with slow dying PSUs before that worked in minimal setups, but toast under heavier use. It could still be a MoBo issue or something else entirely, but checking to see if your GPU and PSU will or won't run in another PC will help you out greatly.

I hope it's the PSU too, but it's too early to tell. Hopefully the bad part is still under warranty.


None of it is still under warranty sadly :(

And the state of emergency is because we have almost 2ft of snow and its -40F after windchill.

Everything you said there is a total bummer. Ha! Damn.

Any word on this?

More bummer things to say....

Well I grabbed a new power supply from my local Staples because I can return it if I don't need it.  I tried my normal rig with the new power supply, same results.  Works without GPU but not with.  Tried it in my secondary rig, same thing.

I've eliminated everything else so I guess I'm getting a new GPU 

I request the idiot of the month award.  My GPU has nasty looking marks (burns?) on the back of it that weren't there to begin with