PC component choices: value for money

Dear the guys at Tek Syndicate,

                                                   next year I am hopefully going to build a gaming pc which will be my first proper desktop PC (Intel) after being on console for a number of years. I know how to do it (with a lot of help from you guys!) but I'm not sure whether I can get better components for a similar price and would like a bit of help.

These are the specs:

CASE: Antec 1100 Black Super Mid Tower Performance Case w 2x 120mm Antec Tri-cool manual fans

PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7 3770k , 1155 , Ivy Bridge , Quad Core

RAM: 4GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance Jet Black X2

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H , S1155

PSU: 750 W Corsair Builder Series CX

GPU: 2GB EVGA GTX 760 Superclocked

COOLING TOWER: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

INTERNAL MEMORY: 2TB Seagate 7200 rpm

MONITOR: 21.5 inch Acer S220HQLBrbd LED full HD monitor DVI/VGA

I could be wrong about this, but an i7 might be overkill for gaming. You would be better off with an i5 and spend the leftover money on some extra memory or maybe go the extra mile for an SSD

+1, For gaming an i7 i overkill and the system woud be a little out of balance. Unless you have the money to spend, get an i5, 8GB of 1600 or 1866 MHz RAM. After you have done that to balance your system better, if you have some extra cash I would do with getting a SSD with 64GB or more of space on it for your OS, or a 770.

If its mainly going to be gaming and you aren't in the nVidia camp I would suggest going with a 7950 as they cost about  the same as a 760, but perform just about the same as a 770 or better yet, a 7970, that will crush a 770.

A build in 2014. Right! Off the top of my head! (and slightly biased off of what I'm using at the moment)

i5 2500k/3570k (Let's face it. 2500k won't be obsolete for the next couple of years in gaming.)

Maximus IV Gene Z Gen 3 (Yes. it's a z68 board, but with Gen 3, it has support for PCI-E 3.0. And with a bios flash, it'll support Ivy bridge)

Nvidia GTX 770/Radeon HD 7970/Radeon R9 280x

Antec kuhler closed loop or Noctua air cooling

8~16gb of whatever ram speed you want

2 TB HDD+ whatever SSD you prefer

650~850w++ PSU 80+ Gold (Whichever brand you prefer. Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, ETC)

Corsair 350D

Corsair air series or Noctua case fans. (whichever you prefer)


Thanks everyone for your help. Much appreciated!