Pc buying help

Hello Logan and Tek Syndicate members, 

I am working on looking at parts for a transcoding pc and editing and gaming pc. I was wondering if you guys could help me to go in the right direction, I picked out some parts,  I am not sure if they are over kill or not. 


Take a look at how well your editing software leverages multi core CPUs. If it scales well get an FX 8350 build. It is really good at transcoding and is great for gaming/streaming. It is also cheaper than the Xeon setup.

I am running a 2 core hp all in one  build from 2009, it maxes out when transcoding. 

And the graphics card I was looking at the r9 290 , I heard it is basically the same as the 290x. Now what motherboard would I need for the cpu and graphics card? 


Well personally I would stick with what your doing apart from changing the GPU to an NV 770 GTX (just cause they are both very similar but the 770 is a bit cheaper). I would replace the sandisk ssd cause quite frankly they are crap compared to the rest. Best bang for buck atm is Samsung 840 EVO (has the shortest lifespan but the lifespan is still stupidly long).

Also would replace the WD Black with a WD Red instead it may be slower but it's alot cheaper and really you should be trying to run your transcode on the SSD and only using the harddrive for storing the video files. Also maybe change ur CPU for a consumer CPU e.g. something like the 4770k, as can imagine a Xeon is a bit of a waste in the H87 chipset (you also might want to look at Z87 boards but that is very much up to you and you might get better performance in gaming with a consumer CPU and chipset).

Also you might want to wait a few weeks before you but the new Z97 series of boards are coming out which will give you the benefit of sata express/ M2. Hope that's a help.

You don't need a special motherboard for the graphics card. For the 8350 you would be looking at an am3+ motherboard. Usually for that kind of CPU people use the 990fx or 990x motherboards. Pistol has a similar sort of CPU and uses the Asus M5A99FX PRO.