PC Built but Screen Randomly Flickers

Not sure where else to post this, but  I recently built a new PC. It is awesome for everything except...watching Amazon Prime? Every time I watch Prime, the screen randomly flickers. I have a video link for you guys to watch. It is really irritating and I'm not sure what it is. All cables are connected correctly and my GPU/CPU are all seated correctly. Also, all drivers are up to date. Any input would be great!!!


  • AMD FX 8320
  • Kingston HyperX 8gb
  • 240gb Crucial MX100
  • MSI 970-G43
  • XFX R9 280x
  • EVGA 600B
  • Win7

You can see it around the 5 second mark and towards the end.

It is possible that you may need to update the drivers again.  I did read that you have the drivers up to date but it doesn't hurt to make sure that they are completely up to date not only from the XFX site but also the AMD site.

It is also possible that Amazone Prime simply has an issue with their server(s).  I would try other places and see if it continues. I also didn't notice any flickering in the video that you posted but that could have just been a camera thing since refresh rates don't always match up correctly.

Best of luck.

Are you running the latest bio for your motherboard and gpu?