PC Build Under $150?


i am aware that to have a pc under 150 would make it a weak pc. i am looking to gain some exprience into pc building. i am reusing an optical drive. i plan on using linux so dont price in any other operating systems. when i comes to psu's i dont care about 80 plus.

Thank you



Closest I could get, this is impossible,I believe.

Thats under $1150, bro.

nvm, comment got deleted.

The only way you can get a pc under $150 is to buy second hand out of date parts from ebay 

I've seen some second hand hardrives on ebay and other sites taking the risk of second hand parts might pay off but i'd advise waiting to see what someone else has to say about second hand parts. You don't get any warranties.

Buy an old complete second hand rig, take it apart, but it back together again. You should have no trouble finding a fun 775 platform to work with.