PC Build - Power Supply Requirement? + Thoughts

I am currently looking to build a gaming/editing rig on the cheap. Unfortunately, I have massive restraints on how much I can spend, so its max about $700 total ($AUD).

These are the parts I have chosen (All links are to an Australian PC builder site called PC Case Gear):

CPU - AMD FX-8350 (http://goo.gl/QnTDKO)

M/B - Asus M5A97 R2.0 (http://goo.gl/3Ndc5Y)

GPU - Sapphire Radeon R9 270X 4GB (http://goo.gl/aYHydm)

RAM - G-Skill Ripjaws X 8GB DDR3 http://goo.gl/wdu7BD)

Case/Power Supply - Thermaltake Black Commander MS-I with 500W power supply included (http://goo.gl/4EAB9A)


My Questions are: Is there enough power in the 500W power supply for these components? And any thoughts on the build, what could be improved.

Thanks in advance!

If you're going to overclock get a 600W to be safe, otherwise it's safe

Thanks for the quick reply! 

Also, get the 8320 and a cheaper motherboard and get a better video card (r9 280). 4GB is a waste on a 270x.








Gigabyte's cooler is best.

From what I can see, that would mean the PSU would need to be larger as it needs 600W? Is this correct?

And is this card much different? http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=27107&cPath=877

I like the fact that it has DisplayPort1.2 + the Dual DVI slots, but is it the same?

get this: Dell P4

Can you add a link to this?

He's trolling.

The r9 280 you linked is quite a bit more powerful than 270. It's not the same. If you like sapphire then go sapphire.

If you run the whole thing on the PSU included in the case it will most likely have bad performance, stability issues and might even damage it/fry it. I'm not saying it will, it might run just fine, but it also can be bad. A quality 500W PSU like Corsair, Enermax, Antec, Seasonic will have no problems with this system (again, I'm not sure about overclocking, you should research more into this if you plan on doing so)

The problem is that for a modern system you need a modern PSU, one that the thermaltake case's isn't. You need a PSU with high amperage on the 12V rails for the CPU and GPU to run well.

Thankyou for the advice! With the GPU, how much do the R9 280 I linked differ from the one you linked? 

And I'll have a look into a different power supply now!


Now looking at getting:
Case: Cougar Volant White Mid Tower Case (http://goo.gl/AEw8WA)

PSU: Corsair VS550 (http://goo.gl/Kv1fiZ)

Will this be any better?

Corsair VS550 is the lowest end but good for the money considering the efficiency you get from the 230V you guys use in Australia.

There's virtually no difference between two cards of the same GPU in terms of performance. Memory is usually the same, Cooler differs - Heat, Fan loudness, as well as power delivery and the card itself (color scheme, logos etc.)

Useful links: