~PC Build~Open for OPINIONS!

CPU: AMD FX-4300 Vishera 3.9GHz.

GPU: HIS HD Radeon 7870 GHz edition 2gb.

RAM: G.Skill Sniper Series 8gb (2 x 4gb) DDr3

Power: Corsair Enthusiast Series 650w 80 Plus Bronze.

MotherBoard: ASRock 970 EXTREM3 AM3- ATX.

Memory: 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm Bare-Drive.

Case: BitFenix Ghost ATX/Mid tower.

DVD Drive: Asus Dvd Drive.

-What I want to know Is am I getting a good bang for my buck, and is this a good build for $784.00? I would think so, but opinions would be great!! :D

What I mainly want to know is if my GPU is 11 1/4 inches long, will the BitFenix fit the card? (8.27" x 20.55" x 20.08")

 The BifFenix Ghost case allows you to remove the drive cage wall in the middle making enough room for any of today’s graphics cards. It is a lousy video but this will show you what I am talking about.


  I would also go for the FX-6300 as it has a little more punch and only 10 bucks more. Even Logan recommended this CPU.

Personally I have had great success with Gigabyte boards and this one gives a little more bang for your buck.


Not sure if you HDD you are looking at has 32 or 64 MB Cache but for performance I would go with the Western Digital Black as listed here.


OK, now that I have spent all your money for you take a look at the specs provided in the links I have provided. I will honestly say I do not know too much about graphics cards so I will leave this for others. I can say 2Gb of DDR5 is great in a graphics card. Don’t forget you will need an OS for your system as well.

Best of luck and enjoy your build.

You seem to be missing an SSD.  Grab a Samsung 830 if you're tight on budget or an OCZ Vector if you have money to spare.  I'm hoping that Seagate is the 1TB platter version because those are realy fast, about as fast as a WD Black but with less warranty and costs less.

7870 is a good card for its price range.

Well if you aren't tight on budget I would get an INTEL motherboard and processor if I was in your shoes. Intel processors kill anything right now, especially when overclocked.

Because I didn't have much money when I built my own gaming rig I went with AMD Phenom 960T X4 which I unlocked to get 2 more cores and overclocked up to 3.8GHz. Your processor would be okay though, a four core has never let me down before and I think yours will be fine.

By the way I agree with jeffrly, the 7870 is a really good gpu for its price so keep it.

Thanks, I kind of am on a budget some what, its my first build and I am paying for 1/3 of it. My parents are not to keen on spending over 850 on a computer for me to play video games on. I will look at the Fx-6300, but I am going toi stick with AMD for the CPU, and I am relieved to know the case will fit the card.

I won't be getting an SSD right now. I know it makes things load lightining fast, but for me I dont need it.