PC BUILD (IF I win the lottery)

Here is what my pc build might look like if I win the lottery anytime soon:


Post up your ideas for a lottery winner's pc build.



Myah... Tried to keep the price down anyways =P 

why not a mechanical keyboard?

as long as we're going with no price limit whatsoever why not some xeon's, because why the hell not

2X http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117274


for refference my school has (i kidd you not) entire rooms filled with computers running off of 1 xeon pc


Wad' up.

might want a motherboard, but hey what do i know

I had one linked I just had the name as a subwoofer l0l.

I editted it.


Spenlard haha thats a crazy build. But awesome for a lottery winner lol.

I guess mine was a little conservative at $10,000

haha yours is almost $40,000


Lets make a $100,000 pc build for fun haha

It could have like quad xeon processors or something outragous. 

Is it possible to have twin motherboards that can work together?


No. But I know if you really had connections/the money in your hand you could find one. 

$10,000 PC and you only include 2 GTX Titans?  Come on man!

I made a pc build that will work, and is actually reasonable, not random expensive parts, it also has an audio system with subwoofers that turn a whole basement or attic into a subwoofer, and will have them in the wall so they are even louder. One of them shakes a whole house, but two, God only knows. Think about a grenade exploding in BF3 and your whole room shake like the explosion happened, thats what one of these does. Also I put the best 9.2 channel soundsystem, 3 (I think 10bit) 80inch pc monitors(not tvs), for nvidia surround+1. A 4k 3d projector for movies. 10 1tb ssds in raid 0. 4 Blu ray drives. An i7 with liquid nitrogen cooling. A motherboard with integraded soundcard. 4 titans in sli. Filco keyboard plus a deathadder. 64gb ram, 32gb for an OS drive if possible (faster than ssd). Also the 80 inch monitors will be a few feet back due to their size.

This build is reasonably priced for each part, maybe not all together.

Btw it is $155115.02


Check it out, any ideas on better parts for the build. I am on a budget keep that in mind. This is solely for Minecraft.

I could get 150 titans for my build

Haha nice! 

I am going to suggest that to someone for a budget build, I wonder what the reaction will be.

Wouldn't really have a psu to power 3.  I've fixed it.