PC build help

Hey guys, i'm looking for the best bang for my buck ITX build witht he Corsair 380t I'd like it to handle 1440p at a little above 60 fps and be a little future proof.
I'd like it to be below $1000 but if that's impossible please don't go TOO overboard. I have the OS and Storage so that can be left blank. And an onboard wifi board would be very nice.

Extra points for color scheme


this should definitely handle 1440p at 60FPS

color scheme all black kind of

no drive or OS, comes out to 987$

i5, evo cooler
asus z97 itx board
16GB corsair vengeance ram
bitfenix prodigy itx case
asus GTX 970 strix
corsair PSU

this should be as future proof as you can get for 100$

I tried to shoot for a black & red build, but I can't seem to find a decent motherboard with wifi that's red and black(and reasonably priced)


Grab an aftermarket cooler if you're going to overclock. If you're not, then this build needs to be reworked.

Thanks for both the builds guys, imma take a more indepth look at both and make a decision.

Thanks very much!