PC build help (amd)

I want to build a PC that will max out games a to 1080p close to 60fps. I don't want to spend more than $1000. I want to use fx 8350 and r9 290x I also want to use define r5. I will use this PC for the next 2 years. Is this build possible for 1000$ and will it be able to do 1080p 60fps, I don't really won't to spend much money right now, all of my previous PC had top of the line parts when I build them but right now I just can spend that much. I will also do some Photoshop and solidworks. I will also probably do some overclocking. I prefer amd but I might consider a good intel build(although for 1000$ I don't see it))) And no ssd's please and 16 GB of ram preferably because amd ramdisk

Well, you've pretty much chosen all the parts.

I think it would help if we knew what games you were playing and if you were going to be doing any video editing and stuff like that.


Intel is definitely possible within the price range, although 16GB & a Define R5 might be pushing the budget a bit.

I would like a bit better power supply and I will be doing some overclocking I also won't mind to spend another 100-200 dollars

I will be playing many new games that come out like GTA 5, far cr 4

would an upgrade to a 990 chip over a 970 chip, be an upgrade worth considering with the mobo?

Depends.  If you want to have multi-GPU configurations in the future, the 990X and 990FX chipsets are better.  However, there are a couple of 970 boards that are capable of handling the power draw of an 8 core chip.

Here's AMD: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2Rm9FT

I'm sure someone can come up with a build at this budget for Intel.

You might want to think about that whole "no ssd's please and 16 GB of ram preferably because amd ramdisk"-thing again. In every-day use an SSD is going to serve you better and way more reliable then any crazy RAMdisk setup. Plus, 16Gb total is not even that much when you want to go with RAM-disks.

Well stated, sir.

Thank you, sir! ;-)

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Z2mXFT so i came up with this build. Is this a good build or a waste of money? i want to be able to play games maxed out for the next 2 years at 1080p 60 fps. Like i said i have gotten out of pc scene for a few years and thats why im asking you. I will also do some photoshop and solidworks. And yes i will get an ssd when i get extra money

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/HQPwjX changed the power supply, and yes i know i dont need nowhere as much but 850w version of that same power supply is 10$ less, and i will probably do 2 sli

why do you want to use that case so bad? that's a lot of money you could put towards parts like an ssd. which i think would be dumb not to use. its easier to start windows fresh on an ssd rather than porting it over. Eventually i think you will want one. Everyone seems to run it windows on it now.

Like I said I will get an sad in a few months


Well, you're never going to need 1000w when you're using GTX 970s.  I believe GTX 970s can only go 3-way SLI, but scaling drops off dramatically after 2.  I would recommend only going with 2 GTX 970s at the max.

Here's an intel build.  I'll tell you why I chose each part:


CPU: i5-4690k.  It's an unlocked chip, since you want to overclock.  The performance is pretty much on par with the FX-8350, but it's stronger single cores will perform much better in a variety of games.  I have heard many people complain that their FX-6300s and FX-8350s max out on poorly-multithreaded games, such as ones based on Java (talking about Minecraft specifically).

CPU Cooler:  Nepton 240M.  The Corsair H100i is known for being really loud.  Instead of buying new fans, I went with a different cooler altogether.  It's relatively new, but the fans included are surprisingly quiet.  The pump is also very quiet, and it performs just as well.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK.  This board goes through server-grade testing to ensure that it works upon delivery.  It's SLI-compatible and has a respectable 8 phases of power delivery for the CPU.

Memory: Mushkin Blackline 2x8GB.  Mushkin makes great memory, and this set looks nice.  Since you aren't really doing anything that benefits from higher RAM speed, this cheaper kit will work just as well as higher clocked kits.  It also matches the motherboard quite well.

HDD: 1TB WD Blue.  Since you're going to be getting a SSD in a few months, this should be enough for now.

GPU: Gigabyte GTX 970.  The Gigabyte GTX 970s are really great.  These cards are binned so that there is a much better chance of getting a card that overclocks better.  The cooler is metal, and has amazing cooling performance for the noise it outputs.

Case: Define R5.  As requested.  It's a great case - super quiet too.

PSU: XFX ProSeries 750W 80+ Silver.  Seasonic on the inside, and pretty efficient.  Even if you add another GTX 970, you have 250W headroom.  That's pretty overkill, even if you overclock both GPUs and your CPU.  As stated before, I don't recommend going for 3/4 way graphics cards configurations, as you'll run into more driver problems and less performance gains.  In some cases, you'll actually lose frames due to the lack of driver optimization.

OS: Windows 8.1.  Latest stuff.  There is a guy selling keys on the Buy/Sell/Trade forum for about $15 a pop, so you might want to check him out.

Is that what you have? I will have to look into this build. Is this CPU good for Photoshop and solid works?

It's not what I have.  This is what I have: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/nj2NsY

It's getting a little bit dated, but it's been working great.

Funnily enough, I use both Photoshop CC and Solidworks 2014(albeit nothing too complex).  No problems whatsoever, and I'm on an i5 that's 1.5 generations behind.

In that build on pcpartpicker can u throw in a 250 GB 840 evo, WiFi receiver if mobo doesn't come with one and a good mouse and keyboard and keep it under 1500$


Just a note: 850 Evo is coming out soon.  Features much better endurance due to a larger process node and 3D vnand. http://pcpartpicker.com/part/samsung-internal-hard-drive-mz75e250bam

I am not sure what mouse and keyboard suits your style.  It's quite a personal preference.  If you do go with the cheaper Windows key through the person selling on the Buy/Sell/Trade, a mechanical keyboard and a decent mouse should be easy to get.