PC Build, Gaming/ Editing

so here is my part list.


I already have the Intel i7 4770k, i got it for $250

And im slowly buying the parts as to not break the bank all at once.

Any suggestions, or substitutes would be awesome!

Looks pretty good but you don't need a 750w PSU for a single graphics card PC unless you plan on adding a 2nd 780ti which to me seems pointless.

what i would do differently, 256gb ssd, 2tb hdd, noctua nh-u14s and a 600w gold psu.

Yeah i know i could definitely get a 500 and be set, but i just like to have a bit of flexibility.

Im also thinking about dropping the define r4 for a 750D so that i can possibly do a custom watercooling loop in the future.

Yea, I can see where you were going, but i tried to cut a couple price corners here and there, but this is just a rough plan, and i can change it whenever. Thanks for the feedback!