PC build for Photoshop/Rendering

Hello there, I am in a need of help here.

As you can read it from title i need to build a PC that is mostly used for digital art in Photoshop Video Editing/Rendering here and there and some 3D modeling in Maya/Z brush etc...

So here is my current spec list, the budget is around 800 euros but the problem is pricing and hardware availability in my country:

*Case - Bitfenix Comrade mid tower

*Motherboard - MSI B85-G41 PC Mate

*CPU - Intel i7 4770 ( non k version ) with a stock cooler

*GPU - Palit Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 ti 2gb/GDDR5

*RAM - Kingston HyperX Black 16gb

*HDD 1TB Western Digital Black

*Power Supply - Still trying to fit in a budget, possibly some Seasonic but don't know how much wattage do i need

*SSD will be bought afterwards when i have more money to invest in a pc down the road.

So the total price should be around 800 euros or a bit less, now my biggest questions are: Will the system be bottlenecked since i got an i7 and a lower end GPU? How much wattage should i aim for my PSU? Should I worry for temperature of this PC since the case comes only with 1 120mm exhaust fan on the back and will run it with a stock intel cooler? And is it better to get i7 hyperthreaded CPU or to lower it to i5 and get some other components like a aftermarket cpu cooler etc?

Thank you in advance.



Please use PCPartpicker next time. 

CPU- Don't get the 4770. Get the Xeon 1231V3. It is an i7-4770 without the iGPU and around $100 cheaper. 

Motherboard- B85 or H97 will work

Cooler- Stock Intel cooler will be fine

RAM-16GB of any DDR3 RAM. Go with whatever is cheapest. I'd look at 1600Mhz+ but it shouldn't make too much of a difference.

HDD- Get a Caviar Blue. It will be fine. You can go with the black. It does have a better warranty but not worth it IMO.

SSD- Get an 840 Evo or something along those lines

GPU- I'd go with an AMD R9 270. Photoshop likes OpenCL. I'm not sure about the other programs you have listed but the AMD will be faster in games than the 750 Ti and OpenCL performance is nice. Get the 750 Ti if your apps use CUDA acceleration. Also look at the R9 290. It is an OpenCL and gaming monster. It can be had for around $250 US. Idk how the prices are there but it is a great deal if you can stretch the budget. 

I'd shoot for a 550W+ PSU. 600W should be good. I'd try and get something 80+ Gold rated. The CSM series from Corsair are nice and affordable. I am partial to the RM series myself. They run quietly. 

You won't see any bottlenecks. The Intel cooler will be fine. 

HT can really help in productivity. But get the Xeon. That gives you HT for only a little more than the i5. 

the xeon version of the 4770 should be a bit cheaper so i would look into that.

As for the gpu it should be fine. If you were building a gaming system then you would have way too much cpu for the gpu you are choosing but it sounds like you intend this computer mostly for work so it should be fine as long as you aren't working with really heavy maya files.

^^^^this^^^^^^^^^^^^^ very cost effective

Completely forgot about PCPartpicker, thank you everyone for responses, I checked it seems in our country we don't have that specific xeon1231V3, for PSU i will look into 500-600 sadly no Corsair at all so might go with Seasonic, GPU is fine maybe some light gaming nothing serious so i should be ok with it. As for SSD will buy it later after I get the main components.

My biggest gripe is that we don't have that Xeon, any other xeons you can recommend?


Edit: it seems that all xeons in my country are over the top expensive and the only one that is 1150 socket is  Xeon E3-1220 v3 LGA1150 that has a same price as 4770.

Where do you live?

Serbia, PC component ( good ones ) are scarce and often over priced.

If you try to import something well, lets just say it will cost at least 30-40% more due to our customs, so its really difficult to get decent PC parts for a decent price.

I've checked all Xeon prices and they cost around 240 euros which is almost same as that 4770. I doubt that 1231V3 would be cheap if it was available. Corsair? NZXT? Ducky? Swifttech? Forget about them, here they are considered "exotic" components and are overpriced to the roof if anyone dares to import them ex: Corsair Graphite 600T costs 200 euros. Yup that's the cheapest I can get it if I wanted to buy it.

Sorry for my offtopic ramble, but I felt quite frustrated when i see what our PC stores have to offer. 

if the xeon is the same price a an i7 ... get the i7