PC Build $600 budget

Hi! First post here !

I am going to build my first gaming PC with a budget of 600 bucks. I already have some hardwares:

-A case

-650W psu

- 2X Radeon 6870 ( given to me from a friend)

What do you guys recommand? I am leaning towards AMD cpu and build around the 6870 i've got.

Not looking into spending too much since I'll be replacing this computer 2 years down the road, so I am looking to spend as little as possible that wont bottle neck the performance of the cross fired 6870s.


Thankyou for your help!

first what make is the psu and ill put some parts togeather do u need an os and a moniter and is thebuild for gaming?

Hey thank you for the reply!

the psu is a ocz modular, give me some time to find the exact model

I have os already, and I can get a monitor for $100 after christmas.

So $500 budget exclude monitor and os.


And yes, its for gaming! I plan to play the newest titles such as Bioshock Infinite, blops, deadspace 3

and get decent fps.

I think he asked what brand of power suply lol

lol I misread it at first

OCZ NOOOOO!!! lol I would upgrade the PSU if you plan to do two 6870's. You want some extra watts just in case and get a PSU that has single rail only. Seasonic, Corsair and even PC Power and Cooling (if non-modular doesnt bug you) make good ones.


I bought the psu a while ago i cant return it now.

SO i will have to stick to that. 

thx for the input tho!

try this http://pcpartpicker.com/ca/p/q01d