PC Bottleneck... suggestions?

My system has a pretty big bottleneck

I got an XFX 8800GT alpha dog edition

but then an Intel 3.0 ghz Pentium 4 Processor

and a Intel 915P mobo (Its very bad I know)

Can anyone suggest a decent Processor and Mobo that will, not necessarily get max potential of the card, but get a lot out of it. I dont really want to spend more than I have to.

I have a budget of around £80 - £100 as of now, but if I save up I can always get more.


Uh If you're looking for cheap get amd

But if you're looking for performance get intel

Intel costs waaaaaaaaaay more though lol

that's around $160 usd... you're not gonna get much with that lol..

my mobo and cpu was a little over $300 but well worth it. like jason said, if you really want cheap, just go with amd.

yah amd is cheap but i hate amd

i would rather get intel thats a pretty bad bottle neck you got there

but $160 wont get you far because a cpu a dual core and a mobo thats going to cost around $200 for the cheapest but little bottleneck

i believe a an e7200 is like around $120? just get yourself a nice cheap $130ish asus, gigabyte, or even the evga 750i (regular) and you should stop being bottlenecked.

i have a question will i have bottleneck with a e4300 1.8ghz ona mobo with pci 1.0 with a 9800 gt ?

you would have to overclock it probably. my 1.8ghz (single core) amd sempron bottlenecked my 8600gt.

my 1.8ghz core 2 duo dosent bottle neck my gpu they both run beautify together ahhh fuck im too afraid to overclock

the pci slot would bottleneck your card already along with the processor lol

you would get like HALF the bandwidth you should be getting because of a 1.0 slot lol

That cpu is probably fine maybe if you just oced it to like 2.0 it would be better....

AMD it is then. I'm gonna have to save up a wee bit, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

well go for this

it's a bundle


it's a god damn good deal

it's a dual core processor and that motherboard

and you'll have a little bit of case left so for that 30-40 quid get 2 more gigs of ram if you've only got 2

and then switch to vista ultimate 64bit

a LOT of people haven't got problems .

weemans running his on 1gb of ram a 1.86ghz dual core and i dunno what gpu and he's fine.

Trust me go with 64bit

1/10 games and programs don't work with 64bit


I can sell ya vista cheap. illegal but works with updates fine.

tell me what you decide to do


mlz4x lol, more stuff r becoming 64-bit compatible...:-)

Lol mlz4x, I'm running Vista Ultimate on 1GB RAM, and 3.2GHz Pentium 4, with an xfx 8600GTS XXX, and like our friend here, I do sometimes get the occational weird bottleneck, Havent had one in ages though xD

But otherwise it runs very fast, and Far Cry 2 runs resonably well too :P

An EP45-DS3L and an E7200 sound perfectly appropriate. That's be around $200 total, but if you want cheap, like, dirt cheap, AMD.

Pentium D > Quads.

Thanks mlz4x, thats one hell of a deal. I've seen that processor on its own for over £100. I think I'll buy.

Not gonna go Vista, I'm happy with XP. I can wait a few years for Windows 7 if it's a success. Anyone else here looking forward to the new Direct X?

I dunno about you, but I love Windows 7, so much faster than Vista.

Will upload vid of it shortly

Hi Matty, I got a E7200 for around £85 from novatech and got a XFX 680i LT SLI from dabs for about £50-70 so check those out, there are doing the job for me as I am using a XFX 9600GT XXX Alpha Dog Edition with OCZ 2gb 800mhz ram and can play crysis and crysis warhead on very high with 2AA 1680x1050, same with far cry 2.

this would do the job if u lived in the u.s. idk how your prices compare.



an e7200 would be nicer but the e5200 is less expensive and would do the job just fine.

I've had my eyes on those AMD Phenom X3 processors, are they any good?

I can get a decent Phenom with a mobo for < £100: