PC Audio Setup Help Needed

Hi all, I have a need for help with picking the equipment for my PC, for the audio setup.

I use my current build for Games, Music, and Movies. My MoBo is the ASUS Rampage V with the ROG SupremeFX 2014 on the board. I have it configured in 4-way SLi so I have no room for a dedicated sound card, unless I figure out a way to thread a riser cable between the cards.

What I am looking for is a headphones and mic, or a headset that has great audio quality, I was looking at the V-MODA M-100 and BoomPro, is that any good of a combo? I'm also looking for a 5.1 Surround DAC with Toslink in and a headphone amp, or an external headphone amp.

I don't want to use the Theater Receiver, because I don't want to waist all the extra inputs and outputs.

I know I must sound like a know it all or noob, truth is I have been researching this for some time, and the information I find is all over the place so I need help finding the proper hardware.

Thanks for all your time.

For the price, the KiNewton HyperX Cloud are just what you need. 


Sadly those are not what I am looking for, I'm looking for a fuller audio experience.


Have you watched any of the recent headphone videos that Logan posted yet? If not, you'll get a lot out of them.