Paypal to start refusing payments for VPN services?

"After cutting off file-hosting sites and Usenet providers, PayPal is now taking aim at VPN and SmartDNS services. The payment processor states that services which can be used to bypass measures to prevent copyright infringement, such as geo-blockades, are violating its terms of service."

PayPal informs the affected business(es) that their accounts have been permanently limited and that this decision can’t be appealed. This means that they have to switch to other payment processing providers.

Article found here.

I thought they already had a IP blacklist?

I couldn't buy anything on Steam using PayPal via a PIA server in my own country. PayPal just sent me back to the checkout page.

The latest I've heard was within the last 5 days. They may have already been doing some of it behind the scenes but there's been some activity lately on the same front.

This is frustrating. Seems Paypal has reached a point where they care more about what Netflix says about user privacy than what the user says. Doesn't bode well. Paypal has been pretty awesome for a long time but this will be a mess.

VPNs are going to start being like Usenet where it'll be taboo and nobody will want to talk about it. People that are concerned about their privacy are beginning to be targeted on multiple fronts.

hmm ...

Under those rules, I'm not even allowed to buy a DVD or CD from another region if I can't acquire it here, because I'd be bypassing a geo-block. That also means that sellers of copyrighted material should only be allowed to advertise locally if they wish to use PayPal.

This whole policy is so beyond retarded that the proper words to describe it haven't been invented yet.

So.. good riddance? I know many people use it, but its really not needed. And no one is going to say paypal are good..

I'm moving away from paypal completely now that ill be able to make payments without being charged non-local currency fees on my card.

Are you using stripe? I hear there very good for payment processing.

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I just found this article and found it incredibly disturbing. PayPal is said to be revoking the services to VPN providers because they violate the terms of their user agreement which states that a business cannot sell any product or service for the purpose of circumventing copy right ... It's just ... facepalm

@Logan its rant30 time

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How tragic. this is exactly why I would never use nor trust via PayPal.

Wouldn't this just strengthen the appeal of crypto currencies like BitCoin?

This is beyond stupid..and well worth the Picard facepalm.

@Logan time for a rant.

If it violates their TOS then it violates their TOS. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

But that's the thing. People use vpn's for very ligitamit reasons. For example connecting business offices, I'm sure that @Logan and @wendell use vpn's for ligit things that don't involve Netflix. The fact that PayPal is joining this bandwagon makes me think they are against a free, open, and private internet.

Let us hope

I know, but like torrents before it people found ways to circumvent laws using legit services.
And like torrents before it companies, ISPs, etc. didn't go the reasonable route, they went nuclear. When this becomes less of a hot button topic cooler heads will probably prevail, but until then get used to over reactions.

Merged topics.

Businesses use VPN-services for or everything all the time. Many run their own in addition. It's like saying the internet is a "copyright circumvention device".

Nothing new really. RIIA, MPAA etc are dictating our lives. Just get used to it.

Like Steinbeck wrote so long ago, maybe there's nobody to shoot. Meanwhile everything we built, everything we know is crushed to dust.

The supplier of a service is not violating the tos. The people are ? It is okay. It will hurt them both. Maybe they will stop once they start losing money ?

PayPal is just nipping this at the bud before it potentially becomes a larger issue and they are financially liable.

I'm not saying it's cool that they do this, but you have to see where they're coming from.

When laws/rules/ToS lead to something this stupid, they're supposed to be amended rather than enforced.


paypal sucks anyway, I can not wait for PayPal to die. Why can people not just use bank transactions or billing?

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