PayPal Scam

Now I'm not entirely sure because I've never dealt with this before but I've been doing this long enough for this to appear as a huge red flag

Is this real? I honestly don't know though just from looking at it and reading it, it seems fake to me.

The only thing that sticks out to me is the use of bold/red text. Everything else appears to follow the paypal email format. Just log into you paypal thru there encrypted website. (Dont log in after following any email links that is) and see if your account reflects the info in the email. If you still have questions call up customer support.

Definetly fake. Forward it to [email protected] Paypal will handle it.

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Ya im now seeing the "replies to this email are monitered" part... That is not a thing for a company that size when sending out automated emails

Yeahhh, thanks guys... and after a quick google search for fake paypal transactions I found this

Almost word for word.

What stuck out to me the most was the fact that it says "Ship first then the payment will show" damn.


Oh my god I texted the guy a couple times about the email and about how he hasn't clarified the order and he replies
"You know what's going on here, don't you"

Now where have I heard that before?

Oh oh thats right NOPE!


An easy way to find out as well is to look at the origin and original email header. In gmail there's a drop down option to show the original. This tends to show exactly what email server it came from and it wont be PayPal.

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Looks like a pretty good crafted email response. It doesn't have any of the fake verification, or login questions.

Is the trap on the transaction ID link? don't click on anything or they could steal your Login/ID info.

Its Fake Paypal will always refer you to your name.

Dear Customer

which it should be

Dear insert your name here

Although its looks well crafted.

Ah you're right. Man I would bit on this. Reply back with "what's your address?"

Then send them a pile of poop signature required.

Paypal doesn't even use images like that they send it to you via text like this.

Fair few punctuation and spelling errors too
Aka not complete grasp of English
Aka Fake

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