Payday 2 is free, just add to library


As of 8:44PM EST time, it still works.

Yup, still free...
I will NEVER play that, but hey, it's free...

And it does Linux. Worth a try I guess.

They're giving away 5 million copies according to their Steam page.

5 Million jeez good lord.

Well, thanks for that, got it :slight_smile: (04:09 german time, whatever the hell the timezone is I can never remember and don't care :stuck_out_tongue: )

I added the game to all my accounts missing it. What an awesome giveaway! : )

What's gotten into them? Works for me anyways. :smiley: thanks for the heads up.

still works,

ugh some people..... :unamused:

Nice community!

just a very very tiny portion off all the comments and already all this....

Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for this.

Also @Fawkes that is gold. As someone who paid for the game, I don't care. lol. If anything gives me an opportunity to play with friends, but whatever.

Sucks that I missed this deal when it was going on