Pay to Play?

There's a game called Dayz. This game I heard takes alot to run. So you probably need a pretty expensive build in order to run it. Which I think it's a bit weird for a 30$ game. But yeah I'm trying to figure out how much would it cost to build a pc that could run this game in playable settings ( Med-High). Iv'e looked at different post but still haven't found what I was looking for. I'm just looking for the base price also not some random parts I mean a build that was actually tested and you know for a fact it would work. AMD or Intel doesn't matter.



I know I might be a bit picky of the answer i'm looking for Im just a bit curious , Thanks in advance.

I can't really answer your question since it is a game in early access and will be optimized further on.

What bugs me most is the fact that you think that a 30$ game should not be demanding in terms of hardware. 30$ is pretty expensive for a still unfinished game, but they knew people were going to pay that price. You're probably used to 60$ BF and CoD, right?

You're probably a console gamer and want to jump into PC gaming because of this game. I can tell you that you won't be happy with it if you've only watched videos on yt (*cough* Frankie *cough*). Look at other PC games, look at the game prices, look at the Steam sales and be enlightened with the light of the glorious PC master race.

I know this seems pretty negative, but you can not expect people to not come at you with that phrasing. Demanding a tested PC gaming system for the lowest possible cost? Yeah, sure.

Wow , You know the frankie part really that obvious huh xD But yeah i'm just a console gamer looking to get into pc gaming.

Don't worry, if you try to get into PC gaming now is the time as 1080p is cheap af to be honest^^ Try to look into the Build A PC section and look for a budget that would suit you. I would like to help you now, but I'm more into expensive tech and don't know what the current price/performance bombs are.


If you want to overclock, this would be a pretty decent system

But if you don't, then i would get something like this

Hope I helped :)

What do you mean 1080p is cheap? Monitors have dropped in prices for quite a while now. This means in 3-4 years we'll have decent prices for 1440p monitors and better gaming monitors (something better than the current TNs I hope).

And a mid range video card costing <150$ can run most games on high at 1920x1080 if that's what you're saying. There are a few cases of unoptimized games I'd advise you avoid until they are fully released. There's a crapton of zombie shooters and survival games. Just browse the net and check out Steam regularly for sales.

I reccomend you check out some of the completed builds from PCPartPicker if you want something tested for every price point, and also check with the LinusTechTips forums, they're more resourceful than teksyndicate threads on buildaPC and even tomshardware and the likes.

I've built quite a few PCs and I am amazed at how easy it is today to build a new PC or upgrade compared to the old days of non-dsl internet. I haven't checked with recent guides but I do watch some guys that know what they're talking about : AustinEvans, Logan teksyndicate, Linustechtips, JayzTwoCents, 3DGAMEMAN (Rodney Reynolds).


Here's a guide with a ridiculously expensive build (ignore the parts, just watch the process) from our very own TS:

Wish you best of luck in your build!