[Patreon] $5 or $7 option

Hey Logan, Wendell, and all TekSyndicate hosts,

I'd really like to support your Patreon campaign! But, $3.33, and $10, is too low and too high. A place in between would be super! a $5, or $7 tier would be really cool!


Edit your pledge and put in $5 or $7

Let's try to get more people to join ..hahahha
can you imagine if everybody that was a member of the site donated at least $1 a month ..or all the fans on youtube...
How awesome would that be..

But i just finished placing an order on the site here..And you can put as many $3.33 in your basket as you want ;-)

@Eden oeps didn't read your comment hahaha..

After i'm done with my student periode..i'm going for the Micro brew option hahaha
Don't like beer , i much rather have a vodka, or whisky ..or perhaps even better an Irish coffee hmmmm..

Ah, didn't realize there was a quantity option. Super.

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I pledged $11.12

I'm special

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