Patch to remove Nividia 2 session limit on consumer graphics cards. Can this be real?

Could well be I don’t understand this correctly but:

I just watched a video on the Youtube channel Byte My Bits titled “UNLOCK NVIDIA Cards for More Plex Transcoding!”, which removes the limit of 2 sessions for consumer Nividia graphics cards with a patch for Linux (tested on Ubuntu).

Jason of Byte My Bits claims to have installed it for Plex and transcoded 12 streams.

Can this be real, or am I misunderstanding what is going on here?

if true (which is kinda irrelevant) i wanna know why the hell there is a 2 session limit to begin with. most home users aren’t going to shell out for a professional level card or settle for a lesser performing card. nvidia really does seem to have the middle finger up towards the consumer

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that’s why

Sadly AMD isn’t really competitive on the high end either so I can’t even say just use them. sigh

I thought this was a well known thing? It’s juat software?

I believe this is not that. Multi user and multiple different encoding streams are different I think.

This is more of nvidia limiting consumer features so businesses will buy quadro cards with the features unlocked for these workloads.

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well, if multiple encodes is a thing, they are?

i think that depends on how many encodes you can get versus the cost of the card