Passtthrough pre-requisits


I just want to ask if my system setup is suited for PCI passtrhrough.

Motherboard MSI-Gaming M5
CPU : I7-8700K
RAM : 32GB DDR4 2666Mhz
Video card 1 : NVidea GTX 1060 Dual
Video card 2: Radeon Pro WX7100
NVME 256GB Boot drive
SSD 1TB Data
HD 1TB Data
HD 1TB Data

I was thinking to use PopOS as my distro because everybody is telling me NOT to use Ubuntu.
Can the Radeon and Nvidea be mixed?
Or do I need to use the onboard video card of my motherboard as the video card for my linux host and use either one of the mentioned video cards I have in my system for my gueast os?
What will be the best howto guide to use, I hope a guide on this forum :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance.

I dont see any issues but without seeing iommu groups you dont really know for sure. I’m not a passthrough kind of guy though, so I’m sure someone else will chime in here.

I dont see any reason you cant use ubuntu but it may be that theres just more hoops to jump through with updating the kernel.

No problem with your GPUs afaik.

current guide