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Passthrough Newb looking for suggestions please


Wanting to start a Passthrough gaming system and been looking through the forums but unless I have missed it I am not seeing rated hardware list or ease or total support on hardware or what I am finding seems a bit old. I would assume the heart of the compatibility would start with the MotherBoard CPU combo.

Is there a current “Meta” for the motherboard that is best suited to this task? or should I be waiting for a specific board. I was watching the videos on YouTube related to Linux gaming and the one specifically for Passthrough has not been posted yet. It looks like this may be because certain hardware and bug fixes are on the way that will make support less of a headache to setup.

If there are any links that would point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Or should I be waiting for something specific?


There are plenty of good options. I don’t have any specific recommendations but you can take a look at the links below. Or you can google your intended mobo model + IOMMU and mobo + Linux to see if other people have tried it.

Here is a page with some good info on what works and what does not-

This is another post that you may find helpful-