Passive cooled ITX home-server build Asus Pro H610T D4-CSM

I found it only on Aliexpress:

but I would like to buy it from another source.

Is something similar available outside Aliexpres / ebay?
Thank you

Edit: i have similar thing but only for 3 heatpipes and i would like to upgrade to 6 heatpipes.

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Presumably, you could buy a solid copper block and CNC your way to your hearts desire.

No idea where to buy a good quality copper block or how even to do CNC milling.

You’d need to make sure the CPU heatpipe plate is using the exact same diameter heatpipes as the case side walls are designed for.

6mm diameter heatpipes like the ones in the ali listing will not mate up to the sides of the case properly.

Yea… a local machine shop that’s willing to do one offs is probably going to be your best alternative!

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Heatpipes are also usually sealed under a vacuum to reduce the boiling point of the liquid, so keep that in mind also.

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A manual mill can handle that.

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I agree finding someone local would likely be the best bet, but there are places online that also mill parts. I have never tried it, and I probably wouldn’t try with something too complex, but places like PCBWay do milling in various materials including copper.


Finally I bought it on Aliexpress. It loks very nice:


my new falness home-server got passive colling … I’m mostly done.

I have reused 4 heatpipes (silver colored - with nickel surface treatment) and I added 2 custom heatpipes (you will see they are not nice bended)

It’s not so nice, but working.

after 30 min full load (stress-test) CPU had 70℃ (65W TDP) but I will change max. TDP to 45-50 W

and probably I will add a fan for RAM modules because they can be very hot (I was unable to touch it with finger longer than 0.5sec).

  • (but it will be enabled on-demand, when temperature reaches some threshold)

Memtest 20 hours (2x 32GB Crucial)
SUCCESS :white_check_mark:

I had a Noctua fan (600 rpm, very quiet) above RAM modules to be safe.

Power consumption during memtest was 56-66h Wh:


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Here is my fine-tuned system with very low idle power consumption (measured with Shelly Plus 1PM every 1 sec)

I did small measurement from booting:

  • note that values 30-40 W (first half) above (from first graph - last 2 hours) are from BIOS
15 min idle power consumption detail:

15 min idle power consumption detail:

System details

MB: Asus Pro H610T D4-CSM (latest BIOS, Version 3202, 2024/03/07)
CPU: Intel i3-13100 (TDP 60W)
RAM: 2x Crucial 32GB DDR4-3200 SODIMM (CT32G4SFD832A) 
SSD: 1x m.2 Samsung 980 Pro 1TB with heatsink

PSU: 12V 150W from AKASA (AK-PD150-02KEU)

powertop report: JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging

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My fanless server appeared on (here) :flushed: :tada:
(yes, i have another username on reddit)