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Parts suggestions for pc build for VM (Gaming)

Hey everyone,
I’m planning on replacing my old laptop as its starting to have problems.
I will be mainly running VM’s for gaming.
I will be going to mainly use linux (Manjaro) as my main machine and windows in KVM with PCI Passthrough if possible.

Here’s my PC list :

Please Help Me Out With The Processor, Graphics Card, And Motherboard.

NVIDIA Graphics : RTX 3070 ( Windows)
AMD Graphics : RX 5700XT ( Linux)

Please tell me if they are IOMMU Grouping Supported for my windows Virtualization . And if not please suggest some parts ( Like Gaming Motherboard, Preferably AMD Processor)

A couple things to note when doing vfio, you may want to look into a Gigabyte motherboards as they allow you to choose which pcie-slot GPU you want to boot from in the bios something that can be handy when troubleshooting multi-gpu / vfio pass through. There are a couple more gotcha’s that go along with getting an nvidia card hidden from the VM.

Sorry for the late reply but any Gigabyte Motherboard will work?. As im trying to build an RGB Build . If Not please tell me some suggestions.

looking at your parts list your cutting it a bit close with the psu for a 2 card system with that cpu.
and while its unlikely you will be maxing both cards at the same time. you will be close to max powdered if both the cpu and 3070 ramp up to max. the additional load of the rx5700, the motherboard and peripherals will get you close to 700w power draw.
220w cpu (multi thread power draw) say 250 for overhead.
250w for the 3070
80w for the motherboard
20w per hdd
5w per nvme
280w for the rtx 5700
giving a total potential system draw of 860w.
and while it will be completely doable on that psu, but i would suggest giving yourself a 1100w unit if you can, just for headroom and peak power sake.
or pick a lower power requirement part on your secondary gpu. if its just a display driver to run the vm then no real need for a big secondary gpu if it gets turned off at passthrough to run the 3070 in the vm.

Okayyy will change the power supply.

Can I use the Asus ROG Strix X570-E Board for the IOMMU grouping Or should i go with GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Ultra

i looked at the asus motherboard manual and there’s no mention of selecting your preferred pci-e … if thats a must have for you then yes… i would take that option 2 just because its easiest. and they are 2 good but a bit over priced IMO boards.
but then again everything is now :frowning:

Okayy then i will go with the Gigabyte Aorus X570 Ultra