Parts for sell

I'd like to sell all together. This stuff has just been sitting in a box. I showed prices what the stuff costs new. I would take a good offer just to get rid of all of it. Oh the 24 pin Alchemy extension needs a new terminal.

Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 PRO USB Fan-Controller, Grafik-LCD $114.95
Aquacomputer Flow Sensor 'High Flow' $39.95
Aquacomputer Poweradjust 3 USB - Ultra-Series $40.99
Aquacomputer aquaero 5 LT USB Fan-Controller $60.99
Aquacomputer Passive Heat Sink for Poweradjust 3 - Red $10.95 $33.47

Total NEW is 304$

DARKSIDE 480mm radiator (same supplier as XSPC, same dimensions)$100

XSPC 360mm radiator $84.95

Cooler Master Sickle Flow x4 (one needs resleeving) I will just take best offer for the fans.
Cooler Master X2 (DF1202512SELN)
Cooler Master (DF1202512RFUN)
Cooler Master (DF120251SELNcf)

Corsair SP120 X2(modded together into one fan header)
Several sli bridges and one CROSSFIRE BRIDGE
NZXT RGB controller with led strip $50
BITFENIX ALCHEMY cables 1 x 24 pin, 1 x cpu, 3 x 6, 2 x 8 (24pin needs new molex connector on one cable) $57
Red SATA cables $20
DangerDen reservoir $30
Swiftech mini reservoir (I have two of these)$25
Bitspower D5 mod top black $50
UN Design 120 mount bracket $10