Palit Gtx 1060 fan controller issue

Hi all.

I bought a palit gtx 1060 6 gig dual on eBay with a fan issue.
What happens is the fan is at 0rpm until 60 degrees - as expected - but after that it will ramp up to full never to come back down. I have no control over the fans no matter what software I use (tried them all). Having said that if I manually take control - while the fans are not turning - if I even increase the percent by even 1, I hear it shoot all the way to 100.

What I can see in Nvidia inspector is that when in Auto there is a fan reading in percentage which I presume is telling the fans what to do but it doesn’t respond. Regarding the fan RPM- it’s just random sometimes showing 300rpm for 2 secs then over 1000, but 95 percent of the time it’s blank and grayed out. The temps are accurate.

I’ve looked all over the web (including this forum) and I suspect that I have some sort of pwm controller fault. I think that controller is on the card.
Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where that might be?
I have some knowledge in electronics. I’m thinking a bad resistor or diode maybe.

What I’ve tried:
Different drivers on a clean install
Flashing to different BIOS’s
Changing slots
Different pci connectors
Every kind of fan control software
Checking the board visually
Have continuity on all pins of fan connector between solder and pin

Thanks a lot

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