Pairing this amp and these speakers, they should work.. Right?

Hi, like the title says i'm getting a mini HIFI Amp and i am pairing it with these speakersThe little amp should provide enough power for the speakers, right?


Thanks in advance - Dom.


EDIT: I decided on this Amp, would this do the trick

I would trust the Lepai WAY more. It is class T, which is highly efficient, and sounds good. FYI, 20watts RMS rating which is MORE than enough to drive speakers to a loud level, and being an RMS rating, stay there. It is also a trusted brand because it has been used so much by so many, and loved.

The LTC you posted is a company I have never heard of, they do not list their RMS rating, just max/peak, which is NEVER a good sign in the audio world, and it doesn't even list what class amp it uses, and I don't see any good reviews on it. FYI, it may list '100watts max power/2x50watts max', but just by comparison, the Lepai has a max/peak rating of 2x180watts, which is just as irrelivent as the 2x50 watt rating listed on the LTC.

Just get the Lepai....

Okay, thanks for the help.