Painting scratched areas on steel case?

My black Phantom 820 has some honest wear around where the side panel meets the rest of the chassis. As well as where the thumb screws are.

Are there any recommendations on paint? Anyone with this type of experience? Any and all advice on the subject would be nice as i’ve never had to do this to a case before.

Are you looking to repaint or hide some scratches?

Err… Neither? I just want to paint over those scratches and make it look like new again.

Will be hard to match the exact color, so unless you plant to repaint the whole thing, it is going to look odd.

Painting procedure:

  1. Sand
  2. remove dust
  3. degrease
  4. Paint
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Well I contacted NZXT and asked if they can tell me which paint they used to match it. But this is the common procedure? What do you have to degrease? And why would I have to sand anything? I’m not repainting, just painting over the scratches, no?

Sanding is done to make sure the surface is smooth. Just small scratch could will be visible even if you paint over it.

Degreasing is another important step because the cleaner the paintable surface is, better the result.

You can skip both steps if you want, but results might not be what you are expecting.

And this is assuming you are able to find the paint that matches exactly what the case colour is. Paint colour doesn’t need to be much off from the original to be clearly noticeable.

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