Package removal Ubuntu server

Hi everybody

I added a package in Ubuntu for a little project. Now it can’t update, and I don’t remember how to remove it.

This is what I get on my terminal.

You are reading that one incorrectly. That is not a package that you are having issues with. It is a repository that you are having an issues with (PPA in Canonical terminology).

You need to edit you /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.d/ and comment out the “package cloud” repository. Then do an update, and an upgrade. More than likely the package cloud repo has upgraded to a new release of Ubuntu, and as a result, the focal branch is no longer valid.

I don’t know what the Ubuntu equivalent of the stable/testing/unstable branches are, but it is a common Debian practice to point to the main release branches instead of the named release branches for ease of upgrade. I think the Ubuntu official way of release upgrades is do-upgrade?

With that said, if you want to just uninstall a package, you would use apt remove <package_name> If you want to remove all configuration files and remnants of a package, add --purge to that command.


It’s do-release-upgrade.

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Thanks. I can never remember that. In Debian, it is a simple apt update && apt full-upgrade.

One uses those all the time (directly or indirectly) in ubuntu. Will they take you to a new release with Debian? If so, I’ll have to remember that.

Yes, the caveat s that you need to be using the general named branches instead of the release named branches. Use stable, testing, and unstable.