PAAG-E3124B Power Supply/Power Adapter

Hello :slight_smile:
I bought on eBay USA a brandnew KVM (PAAG-E3124B) and didn’t think about the Power Plug ^^
I live in Germany and can’t use the American Power plug version and was wondering what i should do to get the KVM working.

Is there a EU Cap (when i browse your shop i can see that there are multiple different caps possible) for the Power Adapter available that i could order on Amazon or somewhere else that delivers to Germany in a decent timeframe?
Can i use a generic Power Adapter instead? If yes could you say what Specs i should look for so i can find one on Amazon (or if you could link me one from Amazon that would be amazing)?

Thank you in advance and keep up the good work :)!

Generic power adapter is fine 12v center positive at least 1.5 amp.

The us power brick is compatible with passive adapters also as it is 220/240v compatible

Hey Wendell,

thank you for your personal reply :slight_smile: !

With the compatibilty in mind I checked the part number on the power adapter (6A-181WP12) and found one on ebay Germany where i can steal/repurpose the german “Cap” from (and potentially a spare power adapter incase the KVM one breaks).

Thanks again for the Explanation that its 230V compatible!

cool, 4K@144Hz and VRR, I wonder if this also works with an adapter to HDMI 2.1, I use an LG Oled.
Can you please give feedback in 3-4 weeks how satisfied you are with it?

You can do 4k/120 to HDMI with an adapter but no vrr and HDR is iffy. Nothing with the kvm just the state of jank in dp to HDMI right now.

That’s what the club3d adapter does. I too use LG OLED so this use case is covered in a lottttt of past videos

that’s sad, I had bought an Aten CS1924M shortly before I bought the LG, I should have planned better, a simple USB Switch would have been cheaper.
But luckily the LG has 4x HDMI and a remote control…

service remote + rs232 switching ftw on the lgoled. but not all the hdmi ports are equal, at least not on mine. only 1 or 2 seem to work best for computer control. the others have this weird glitch effect, no idea what it is but loads of reddit threads discussing it

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thanks for the tip, something to tinker with, I like that :slight_smile: