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Overwatch via Wine/Lutris appears to be freezing for some people

Some people report the Nvidia drivers are causing freezing:

Others report that Blizzard determined their AMD chipset drivers were too old… on Linux? (Might be a AMD Ryzen only bug)

For me, the game launches, but freezes before the main menu level even loads on Nvidia driver 418.52.10.

Confirmed GPU Freezes on Nvidia Vulkan drivers 418.52.07 and 418.52.10.

418.52.05 is not affected, and is available here:

Huh, I’ve been noticing issues with it freezing up for several seconds mid match (particularly under high activity) ever since the latest AMD driver updates (Running RX 580 here).

I was just about to revert to the old driver, but if everyone is seeing this, including on Nvidia, maybe that won’t help and it was just a coincidence?

Though, sounds like it’s just nVidia graphics so far, with AMD mobo chipsets/cpu.