Overlooked/Underrated Games

Don't necessarily have to be PC games. I reently have just been wanting some good singleplayer games to play. One I just ran across =

Great game. From the people that made Heavy Rain.
The only complaint is towards the end it gets all "lolwat" on you. If you play it you'll know what I mean. All in all though, an enjoyable game.

Anyone have any others?
(Prefferably PC single players, no matter the year of release.)

never heard of it but it looks pretty cool

Crysis is one of the best games ever made - exept the fact, that the end just sucks.

Borderlands is THE coolest game ever made - again, the ending sucks.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - awesome game, but single-player is too short.

Fallout 3 is truely addictive, but Bugthesdas support just sucks, and the game is waaaay too unrealistic for my common taste. (still played the shit for fucking 248 hours) D:

I said Overlooked/Underrated... Lol.

Yeah, Overlooked (overrated)titles.....

My bad, rofl.

Madballs Babo Invasion is awesome, but not very popular. Check it out!

Always DeusEx,  Fallout 1 & 2,Â

I can start pulling games from the dark ages...

Crusader 1 & 2
The entire TSR Masters collection
Lemmings is classic and fun
Tetris:Â should be a pre-requisite to getting a Drivers license.
Betrayal at Krondor
Dungeon Hack
Descent <---Â Â 360 3D!!
Beyond Good and Evil
I'll come up with more as I remember them.

Will probably try playing some of those.. I played Full Throttle, was a good game. Old Mine Road reaaaaaally pissed me off for a while.

ARE YOU HIGH madballs was worst game i have every played ur just rolling around like an eyeball

im gonna agree on indigo prophecy.

some others would be Torchlight, deus ex, and most importantly

SYSTEM SHOCK 2. If you played bioshock, you're wrong, you actually played system shock 2 underwater. no joke they stole the entire god damned plot from system shock, the gameplay, etc, except stripped it down and made it less scary and atmospheric.... shock 2 is one of the best fps games ive ever played, right up there with half life, deus ex, etc

Ahh, yes.. system Shock...

Eye Of the Beholder
X-Com <--- ALL OF THEM
HomeWorld <---  AMAZING RTS
AVP <---  again  ALL OF THEM..Â

Everything that was in the DOS Nostalgia video.

do i need to play system shock 1 or can i jump into #2?

i dont think you can really say that a developer stole from himself. it was more or less expected that there would be a lot of similarities especially since it was being described as a spiritual successor to the system shock series from the start.

you can jump to #2. and to spite, sure, but it wasnt all the devs from system shock 2, and its not like they had "similarities"... if you played both youd understand. Its the same story, the same plot twists, the same "plasmids" similar combat, hacking, storytelling system, dialogue, atmosphere...

I would suggest getting #1Â

Burn:Cycle on the auld CDI in theory the game sucked and there was too much rage involed in plying it but i manged to get addicted to it anyway so subcontiously I must of loved it XD

i miss jet moto on ps1

That's like saying Obsidian stole Bioware's story of KotOR.

The old LOTR RPGs by Interplay
Unreal (not really overlooked or overrated at the time but no one seems to remember it for some reason)
Obi-Wan for the original Xbox
Dark Forces
Shadow of the Empire on the 64

if u cant tell im a huge star wars nerd

Star Wars: Republic Commando
Deus Ex
Gothic II
Thief series

was bioshock called

"system shock watered the fuck down(pun) 3"