Overclocking Ram?

Hey forum, I need help. I hears it's possible to overclock ram, but I have no clue how overclocking ram affects it, and everything else in the computer. Can someone give me some oversight about it, like how it's done, advantages and disadvantages (if any)and if it's worth doing? Thanks everyone who answers. 

For all intents and purposes, it's principles and not the actual technical way of doing thins, are pretty much the same as cpu's and gpu's. But the big catch is, unless you are doing some special computertasks or you are rocking an onboard gpu, it won't matter, especially gaming.

On some platforms OCing your RAM with give you a better CPU OC, (sandy/ivy bridge) on other platforms slower RAM makes for higher CPU OCs. (Haswell)

The actual advantage of overclocking your RAM is that you have faster RAM. Does that make a difference? Depends. If you are doing heavy photoshop or video rendering workloads on a PC with a great CPU, but very slow RAM, OCing your RAM might be a great idea. If, however, you are someone who uses their PC for gaming and light office work, you probably wont see a difference. While OCing can be fun and a learning experiance, it will create more problems and hassle than noticable speed if you fit into the second category of users. ;-)

That being said, if you've already self-built a PC, why not play with it some!