Overclocking on AMD FX 4130 with H70

Any tips?


Im new to overclocking..


I have an FX 4130, and an H70 water cooler with 2x SP120 Quiet editions, intaking air from outside.

all teh dust.


Anyways, i havent gotten over 40 celcius yet, and thats with the ASUS auto overclock on 4.1


Will i be able to overclock to 4.3 stable?

40°c is a lot for the H70 with two fans. I made a fractal minifridge PC with an FX4300 with H60 (not that great but nothing else fits in the case) with the single stock fan not long ago, and with a 4.6 GHz overclock the temp after 5 hours of Prime95 and combuster simultaneously topped out at 40° max.

AMD Overdrive is good to scout the possibilities of your hardware, but it's not good for a permanent overclock, you really have to overclock manually in BIOS. I normally set a 15% overclock on the FSB, ramp up the HT accordingly, manually configure the RAM for maximum speed, lock the core voltage to stock voltage, then ramp up the multiplier starting with 15% overclock. Of course Cool 'n Quiet needs to be off, all auto voltages need to be off, GPU needs to be overclocked to max stable speed. All while monitoring the cpu temps, so that they don't pass 20°C above room air temp.

My guess is the FX4130 will overclock to 4.4 GHz stable on stock core voltage if you have a good mobo and an average CPU, Most do just a bit better than that, few become unstable at that speed. It all depends on your CPU though.

Check the dust on the rad, I think the temp is a bit on the high side, unless your room air temp is like 26°C.