Overclocking my Pentium D

Hello, I have a Pentium D 945 Dual-Core Processor and it is stock clocked at 3.4ghz. I would like to overclock on it but what would be safe? I have the cooler master 212 Evo heatsink so that should not be a problem. According to core temp my cpu is at an average of 27 degrees C. Also is there a guide?




I dont think you can oc a pentium CPU... why would you want to anyways?

you can overclock it but dont expect performace much better a mid range core 2 duo from  2007 even if you get it close to 5ghz.

well i didnt have the money yet for a ivy bridge CPU and this is the one that i COULD afford and it said it can be overclocked.....

you need a motherboard with a bios that supports overclocking the FSB and upping voltages, check if you can do that in you bios also post a CPUz validation, it might be more effective just just get a E2200 on ebay for 5 bucks


not sure why you would want to, unless your stove broke and you want something to cook things with