Overclocking i7 3770K Ubuntu Linux in 2018

Hi Level One Techs! I love the videos and the interaction with other you tube stars such Brian Lunduke and Linus Tech tips. This is the reason why I am writing this. So far you guys may be able to help. I have a Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3 with a Intel Core I7 3770K. I have been working on over clocking for some time but just recently found out ( and proved) that Ubuntu OS performs frequency scaling. This now limits my performance in the overclocking I’ve noticed. First in Handbrake where I was restricted to 2.4 Ghz for video transcoding and now with mprime with a really bad frequency of 2Ghz across all cores.

Hardware wise I have the processor overclocked to 5Ghz. However when running CPU benchmarks or video transcoding the frequencies across all cores drop to 1.6 Ghz or 2. Ghz. I have tried linux tools but noticed that the speeds reduce.

I am using intel pstate tools and some of the Ubuntu based cpu frequency tools however something happens and I am back to either 2.4 Ghz or lower.

My main question is : What can I use, set, config or hack to allow the processor to run at 3.5 Ghz or better? 5Ghz is ideal across all cores but I will accept 3.5Ghz.

Is this something that all linux operating systems have or is there something other OS i can use that has better overclocking tools?

Also if I have invested in K based or extreme processors how can I get Linux to accept this and run at the higher clock frequencies. What about Intel Extreme processors? (this is what I am considering for my next build)

I am running Ubuntu 16.04.3 on an intel i7-3770K on a Gigabyte Sniper G3 MOBO with a corsair hydro CPU cooler.

I’ve monitor CPU temps and I don’t go above 80 degrees under normal load.

Last question, do apps like Handbrake and mPrime alter the CPU governors? Currently mine is set to performance with a range from 1.6Ghz to 5Ghz.

This sounds like a thermal throttling issue. You may be able to get short bursts of 5Ghz, but it isn’t able to sustain that speed at safe temperatures. On debian-based distributions there is a package lm_sensors you can use to monitor various sensors, including the CPU’s thermal sensors.

wow 5Ghz? at what voltage might i ask? I’m at 4.5Ghz with 1.225V (air cooler though)

I have 3770nonK, oced to 4.3, and if I set cpufreq gouvernor to performance It pretty much stays at 4.3Ghz under load.

What sort of Voltage are you pushing to keep it stable at 5GHz?

As far as I can say in my experience is that very few to almost no 3770K’s are really stable or safe from thermal throttling at 5GHz unless delidded.

Yes I am using that to monitor temps. Also using Conky as my status dashboard.

I’m at 4.2GHZ or 4.3GHz on an i7 3770k. 5GHz sounds like you’d be pushing it on the heat side.

My CPU vCore is 1.140V. These are settings that I have used for the past couple of years. This is also using the overclocking features of the motherboard.

Well I am using the Corsair H70 liquid CPU cooler. I has kept the temps very stable around 70 C at full load.

What MOBO and cooler are you using?

1.140V is my vCore temp. I am also using the overclocking features of the Gigabyte Sniper 3 MOBO.

Are you only using Conky to check your processor speed? Have you tried other things to check the speed to see if there is any discrepancy between the two?

Yes I just rebuilt this OS to version 16.04 from 14.04. I am using i7z which does a better job of telling me the CPU frequencies for all cores. But yes the two provide consistent results and that’s when I noticed when Handbrake down clocked to 2.4 Ghz when I was encoding a mkv video and also prime.

So does anyone have any suggestions to make the 3770K run at 3.4Ghz or better?